Thursday, August 16, 2007

Swishing Parties! -- a cool new way to recycle :)

"Consume less, share more" is a saying I like to go by. Every year teenagers spend hundreds of dollars buying back to school clothes but now there's a cheaper and more earth-friendly way to achieve a new wardrobe! Swishing is when you swap your (gently worn) clothes with friends!

"When the swishing officially began, we were allowed to grab anything that we wanted. Just imagine. Free clothes. And jewelry. And shoes. To take away forever. . . I left wearing a whole new outfit and a huge smile." -Anna Shepard, The Times
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Who would've thought that hand-me-downs would ever be cool?

You may not realize it . . . but constantly buying new clothes creates quite an issue for the environment.

New clothes means:
-more waste in landfills
-more energy used during production
-more pollution
-using up more resources

Take a look in your closet and I'm sure you'll find tons of clothes that you never wear, that don't fit, or that just aren't your style. Even if you don't care for them anymore, someone else might! Put them in a box and tell your friends to do the same. When you have enough people involved, hold a swishing party and exchange clothes! "One's trash is another's treasure!" :)

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Adi 2 said...

I'm going to a huge party next Satuday. I'm gonna give this a try. =]