Thursday, September 6, 2007

Anthony and Leah's Trip to Japan!

Here are the details from the International Youth Conference on the Environment in Kyoto :) (See previous entry Conference in Japan).

In their presentation Anthony and Leah apologized on the behalf the United States for being the world's largest contributor to the issue of global warming. Following this apology they went into detail about what we can do to help and what is already being done. Their presentation and also those of students from Germany, China, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Mexico, France, Italy, Croatia and Ukraine were observed by quite the audience! There were students from all the countries listed above, TV reporters, Horikawa High School, Murasakino High School, family members and Kyoto officials! Anthony said that they were all very impressed by the presentations from all the students. Some of the points that other presenters brought up were using bikes for transportation, converting sludge into energy, building environmental centers and raising awareness in the classroom.

Anthony was part of a group that stayed at Horikawa High School during the day and tested the rain water and air of various cities. They even built their own machine to test rainwater! (More details on that later.)

While in Japan Anthony stayed with a Japanese host family which he says was one of his favorite parts.

"It was an awesome experience and also a wonderful opportunity to listen to each country's problems and how they want to fix it and most of all meeting new people. I have so many new friends now and I hope to go back and visit sometime in the future."

I wish I could've gone with them but I'm glad that I at least got to help out!

Here is one of Leah's pictures of all the students who presented from the nine different countries, some students from Murasakino High School, and some teachers.

Click to enlarge!

I circled Leah and Mr. Abbott :) I met with them and Anthony when I gave them advice on the presentation. Unfortunately Anthony is not in this picture . . . I'll update this entry as soon as I get more!

sayoonara! :)

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